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Talk about the impact of the Internet on the artist’s situation-
Animation artist Ilya Amosov held the third ArtExpoSPb International Contemporary Art Fair in LenExpo Exhibition Complex. Picture: Alexander Demianchuk / TASS via Getty Images
In any market where quality and price depend on subjective judgment, most buyers are eager for professional guidance. The art market is undoubtedly an example of teaching materials.
Even relatively experienced buyers, in galleries are also dominated the unspoken rule: any confidence, enthusiasm, and resources, the creation of a commercial gallery in this full of unknown people in the industry, at least to some extent must know what they are doing. The less knowledge a buyer has, the more likely he is to trust an expert's opinion.
Unfortunately, this confidence is not 100 per cent reliable.
Do not like the need to pass the license exam lawyer, or must pass through the Series examination of 7 financial professionals, a gallery owner wants to open his own business in 2017 was not what academic or business requirements.
In fact, now in the United States Gallery requires special training and employment qualification examination than the installation of a home theater, braid, or give up car requirements are simple - some of the three states in the United States is the occupation.
There are industry associations in the art industry, but most of them are invited organizations, which have little practical influence. For example, by June 2017, the most important American Art Brokers Association of such institutions, but it still does not recognize Gallery giant Larry Gauguhin as its member.

Talk about the impact of the Internet on the artist’s situation-
2016 ADAA Art Show preview. Picture: Courtesy, Art, Dealers, Association, of, America
In fact, the art sales industry has always had another threshold: real estate. After controlling the exhibition space of the entity, the gallery owner is not only the owner of an enterprise. He automatically became the gatekeeper of a primary market.
The long-term success also depends on a number of other factors, such as sales, management, and social networking. But in the short run, when a man has a space, he gets some kind of privilege, at least for some artists.
Unequal power
In that context, it's no wonder that many artists are frustrated with the traditional Gallery system. The gallery agent so that they have a long-term sustainable occupation career, but the history of art gallery owners who are not understand what artists for their lack of planning, and to cultivate their own artists have what interest.
In the most extreme cases, the gallery is often cling to the wealthy are to pass the time, and art circle entertainment -- in other words, like a bar or restaurant, but is also a way to show off.
This means that a large number of artists, to be honest, they need formal training is not much compared to the broker, will depend on the relative to those of questionable ability gallery owners who few to expand their own future, at any time, the gallery owners from the instinct will want to limit the number of artists can enter this system.
Such an environment determines that, from the beginning, most living artists want to make money by selling their works. The main gallery of the impact on the market is too big, not what economic power to encourage them for their artists banner. Because there are no other career paths to choose, most artists are shut out of such systems.
Before becoming a global brand, even in the Gagosian Gallery, jonard, in the absence of standard market, each different entity actually represents the quality of the gallery of their own class.
David zhuona gallery is located in the New York 20 street space. Picture: David Zwirner
In retail terms, because the gallery owner basically controls who owns the most substantial display space, the act of exhibiting an artist is to say, "the artist deserves attention.". Since the collectors for art gallery that the importance of system -- Aesthetics, financial and social aspects of care so much, so they will naturally (open the wallet) to go along with who's selling works than who the author is more important and basic system, not in the works of peace seems to.
A perfect example, the problem is not just that, a piece of work in the sale of zhuona is like when a scarf in Hermes store was hit a mark, which means it is immediately become a kind of pursuit of things, so it is expensive and luxury. It also means that even a small gallery in the local exhibition guarantees a certain quality of the bottom line. Even this small sense of certainty can lead to an obvious price increase.
The disillusionment of Digital Dreams
Of course, the Internet makes things even more complicated. The traditional gallery system no longer has the full control of the artist's contact with potential collectors. Artists from all over the world can now sell their products on the platform of the primary market without expert participation. This means that in 2017, for an artist's income, it was less important than ever to sign a gallery.
But the triumph of this democracy is not as fast as everyone imagines. Clare McAndrew's 2017 Market Report - I need to remind you, right here