What is the future of an artist’s studio? Take a look at his project space + artist resident + food bank-

Lucien Smith. Picture: acknowledgements Paul Bruinooge / Patrick McMullan
Most artists don't have enough studio space - but some artists seem to be too big to use. For the benefit of the local community, the artist Lucien Smith (Lucien Smith) by the commercial laundry renovation studio will be located in Losangeles's own transformation into the project space, artists resident, and food bank (editor's note: to get to the poor or homeless food places).
Earlier this year, he faced a dilemma. The artist, who was only 28 years old, painted paint in a fire extinguisher early in the year and climbed rapidly in 2014 as a star in the art market. After that, he seems intent on evacuating from the art world, focusing on film shooting and creative director for her mother's women's brand, Vivien Ramsay. He spent most of his working time on the east coast, while in his southern Losangeles center, the studio, with an area of nearly 2000 square meters, was vacant for a long time.
In order for other artists to have access to these 2 large warehouses, Smith decided to convert them into a project space called Appointment Only. Alexander Muret, a 24 year old artist from New York, became the first artist to stay in the project space, and his work on the project just ended last week. "I'm most interested in young artists who haven't shown their work," Smith said. It is a good thing to be able to lend a helping hand or to be a mentor and help in any form. "
Alexander Muret in Losangeles "Appointment Only" space exhibition. Picture: Ekaterina Kovalyova
At present, Smith is invited some of his favorite artists to participate in a group exhibition opening in September, the name of the exhibition is called "group exhibition" (Group Show), the young curator Matthew Brown will serve as the organizers.
Smith most of the time in a year in New York, Losangeles and Montauk pass, he said he wanted to be the space for those who need to increase exposure opportunities for young artists in the non commercial establishments. He said: "there's a great community of artists in Losangeles. I just think there's a little more communication to help - it's probably about the size of the Losangeles area.". The original name of the space is STP, which stands for "serving the people" (Serve the People).
Losangeles, "only by appointment" artist resident studio. Picture: thanks Ekaterina Kovalyova
The artist is now busy raising money for better development of the space and hopes to eventually develop the space into a well - established non-profit organization. In a handful of colleagues, Smith hopes to make the space into an incubator is not only young visual artists, it is a place for offering space between musicians, performing artists and artists talk. The space will be renovated over the next six months. The first stage of the renovation will make up a large part of the studio into a food bank with a frozen warehouse.
As the lease was renewed earlier this year, not far from the studio of the artist Sterling Ruby, Smith also put a warehouse nearby. He provided the warehouse as a space for resident artists to showcase the works they created during their stay.
Muret and Smith were old friends, and he was the first artist to enter the area. During his three months as a resident artist, he used vinyl, acrylics, paints, and molds to create six dark monochrome paintings.
The show ended in July 14th, this is also the debut artist staged in the United States last year; Muret was held in Tokyo exhibition, and in February this year released a 36 page book artist in Taipei music art space Waiting Room. Eve Szentloran designer Hedi Slimane used his work on a leather jacket in the March 2016 series.
The resident artist project will continue in 2018. At the same time, this space will be used to organize activities, like last week, Helen Hannas and The garage rock band Pesos in the show, their repertoire is also used by the Muret exhibition closed on background music.
Smith said he would continue to write his own works of art. At the same time, he is also planning to build a studio in Montauk next year. Will it also be open for use by other artists? It's not known yet.