When an art maniac meets a sci-fi villain, he plays Van Gogh, can you imagine?-

Left: Vincent Van Gogh, self portrait, 1889. Thanks Wikimedia Commons; right: Willem DaFoe. Picture: thanks Jamie McCarthy /Getty Images
Van Gogh is about to return to the big screen. The painter turned director Julien Schnabel (Julian Schnabel) recently announced by actor William Dafoe (Willem DaFoe) in the Van Gogh autobiographical movie "immortal gate" (At Eternity's Gate) in the famous post Impressionist painter.
According to the entertainment media "Variety" reports, the film will focus on Van Gogh in France and Arles show "Van Gogh town" during Orville town life story. "The film will explore paintings, painters, and the eternal relationship between the two," director Schnabel said in an interview. He also said: "this is the painter in the tone of the story, including the most important moment in the life of Van Gogh in my eyes, this is not the official history, but my personal interpretation. I hope this movie will give you a closer look at him. "
Film "bath of the bath" poster. Picture: IMDb
Schnabel Hussein film "buzz" quiah (1996) debut film, the film tells the story of Jean Michel buss quiah's life, including his life in contemporary New York in 1980s and the new expressionist artists partnership. Now that the new project will bring Schnabel back to his worries about the shooting of an artist's biopic, he will be using the same technique to film the new Van Gogh film, which is expected.
Actor Jeffrey White, David Bowie, Gary Alderman, and Denis Hopper in the film "bath of the bath". Picture: IMDb
In addition to the filmmakers, Schnabel's other identity was a painter and a founding member and representative of the new expressionist movement in the United states. He is good at creating the big size material innovation works, concrete manifestation form is that he is often with Jean Michel bass, Eric Fischl and David quiah Salle mentioned by people.
Schnabel stood in front of his own plate. Picture: Blogger
Dafoe, the chosen actor, is known for his unsettling and nervous performances, so it seems to be a good actor to play Van Gogh. He also has experience as a creative genius. He recently appeared in the film as the murdered director Pierre Paul Pasolini. The actor's face is no stranger to the Chinese audience, he had played the green goblin in the "Spider Man", the image of the people; also played the clown in Tim Burton's version of "Batman", he also starred in the Zhang Yimou and Matt Damon a director of the blockbuster "the Great Wall", in which as a living in China 25 years in the west. Although he is a favorite of science fiction and fantasy movies, the actor is also deeply interested in literary and artistic films, and some of his films have been in great controversy.
William Dafoe plays the villain in batman. Picture: INDEPENDENT
However, Dafoe still need Van Gogh and had other Hollywood movie history to compete, such as the interpretation of Kirk Douglas taken in 1956 in Vincente Minnelli's "Lust for Life" in the confusion of the image of Van Gogh, the film also won Douglas an Oscar nomination for best actor.
Tim Ross, a marine pianist, also played Van Gogh in director Robert Altman's Vincent and Theo in 1990, but the film is relatively small.