International Federation Sand Painting Art brief introduction

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International Federation Sand Painting Art referred to as IFSP, is launched by Europe and a group of independent artists, founded in 2005, aims to promote the development of the sand painting art exchange association.

The International Federation Sand Painting Art is headquartered in San Francisco, the European division for the Spanish city of Barcelona, in the Hongkong China Asia Division, and other offices, has won a total of 147 countries on five continents, the composition of sand artist.

The purpose of IFSP is to make the sand art better development, different sand artist has an environmental good communication.


The International Federation Sand Painting Art to set up a network of sand in different countries, contributed to this cultural exchange through the following channels:

  • To promote the mobilization of sand painting education: to make every child can receive high quality education has become one of the basic human rights of sand.
  • Construction of cross-cultural understanding: through different cultures, artistic exchanges, rich diversity to achieve.
  • The pursuit of public cooperation: through the promotion and development of various forms of public service, to the popularization and development of animation art.



In order to allow more people to participate in the study of sand art, we celebrate the international day of sand on May 22nd every year.


IFSP Awards

A number of incentives to help countries build sand recognition diversity innovation and art. The nominations were submitted by the office of the sand.