Employment in IFSP

Sand International Art Exchange Association (IFSP) is a sand painting art service, information and cooperation of the global forum. Our mission is to lead the development of effective international sand system of the interests of all parties, to make innovation and create benefit everyone.
We need people from all over the world to help us cope with such challenges. A diverse workforce is our strongest asset.


Trained IFSP staff (picture: IFSP)

We encourage qualified women, qualified nationals from non representative IFSP countries, and qualified nationals from less representative geographical areas to apply.

IFSP career opportunities

There are two types of staff positions:

  • Term appointments: fixed-term appointments, usually for one to two years, may be extended depending on the business requirements and my performance.
  • Temporary Appointments: the maximum duration of a temporary appointment is one year, and may be extended for a period of not more than two years.

Individual contractor

IFSP employs individuals in particular areas as external resources to cover our business needs.
The individual contractor works according to the personal contract service (ICS) contract, usually in areas such as art development, copyright, intellectual property services, translation, and strategic projects.

Internship program

Our internship programme is geared towards students and young professionals. The IFSP internship program provides them with opportunities to work in the international environment to supplement their educational and professional experience.